A Garden in The Shape of Dreams

A Garden in the Shape of Dreams meditates on Paracosm, a persistent evocation of an imagined place, inhabited by imaginary people or beings. A complex response to times of hardship and trauma in childhood.

My ancestral memory takes me back 30 years ago, a time when a calamitous earthquake destroyed a beautiful garden where my imaginary friend and I used to play.

A Garden in the Shape of Dreams is part of the series “Memories of a disabled child: the real, the imaginary and the misunderstood”.


Christopher’s costume changes during the performance. He wears traditional whirling dervish clothes, a Semazen dress made of white robes to create fascinating spinning patterns, a Mevlana hat made of camel hair and handmade leather black shoes. He also wears an artificial turf (grass) crown, a blue cotton blanket and a Hudson Bay blanket (a beige blanket with green, red, yellow and blue lines). Michelle’s costume is a white Kurta shirt style dress.


Christopher organizes the space with different boxes containing vintage postcards from Limón, the Caribbean zone of Costa Rica, as well as plastic dolls, a crucifix, maps, botanical antique prints, photographs of an earthquake, botany books and a Sukia, a small shaman squatting indigenous figure.


  • Cinematography: Alex Romania
  • Costume Design: Branden Charles Wallace and Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez
  • Performers: Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez and Michelle Mantione
  • Text and Audio Description: Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez
  • Closed Caption: Diego Flores
  • Soundscape: Alfonso Castro