Image by Cherylynn Tsushima

Playback is a performance inspired by my father. After his death I inherited several of his personal belongings. I was particularly struck by a box filled with cassettes. When I played them, I realized they contained random voices, background noises and radio broadcasts. These cassettes and the sounds they preserve are an intimate and private creation of my father. They answered questions about his years of absences. The awareness of the world and time that surrounded him. They became the soundtrack for improvisation in the studio. Without realizing it, I had started a collaborative process with him. Interaction with objects of departed loved ones is a natural coping behavior. Technology provided me a way to reconnect to my father.
Every cassette is unique. I choose one randomly for every performance without knowing what’s contained in it.

Images by Walter Wlodarczyk

Choreographer/Performer: Christopher Núñez

All content copyright Christopher Unpezverde Núñez