YO OBSOLETE embodies visual imagery that touches on gender identity, male stereotypical behavior, gendered toys, fetishism and pop culture. It is a visual and kinesthetic collage based on childhood experiences integrating movement with a performing object. The dancers’ unselfconscious abandonment simultaneously reminded us of the precious and formative secrets of childhood identity formation, while also serving as an ultimate homage to the present. ~The Dance Enthusiast~

YO OBSOLETE is a choreographic memoir based on personal recollections, reminiscences and childhood memories including boyhood bonding, cross dressing, gender identity and incomprehension.
A bright pink remote control car is the centerpiece for the performance. It combines the shape of a traditionally masculine toy with the symbolism of a traditionally known feminine color.
The piece reclaims elements of the queer and pop culture to deconstruct toxic stereotypes of gender identity.

Choreographer: Christopher Núñez
Performers: Christopher Núñez, Mario Galeano, Alfonso Castro
Intervened object: Christopher Núñez
Costumes: Christopher Núñez, Branden Charles Wallace

All content copyright Christopher Unpezverde Núñez

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