YO OBSOLETE embodies visual imagery that touches on gender identity, male stereotypical behavior, gendered toys, fetishism and pop culture. It is a visual and kinesthetic collage based on childhood experiences integrating movement with a performing object. The dancers’ unselfconscious abandonment simultaneously reminded us of the precious and formative secrets of childhood identity formation, while also serving as an ultimate homage to the present. ~The Dance Enthusiast~

YO OBSOLETE is a choreographic memoir based on personal recollections, reminiscences and childhood memories including boyhood bonding, cross dressing, gender identity and incomprehension.
A bright pink remote control car is the centerpiece for the performance. It combines the shape of a traditionally masculine toy with the symbolism of a traditionally known feminine color, integrating two gender identities.
Growing up, I was not allowed to play with the toys I enjoyed because they were categorized as feminine. Instead I was forced to suppress my emotions.
Vulnerable populations like children, are trained to form their identities based on stereotypes and gendered toys.
The piece reclaims elements of the queer and pop culture to deconstruct these toxic stereotypes and to conceptualize diverse ways of representing identity.

Concept, movement, set and intervened object: Christopher Núñez
Performers: Christopher Núñez, Mario Galeano, Alfonso Castro
Costumes: Christopher Núñez, Branden Charles Wallace
Images by Johnathan Lewis.

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