The Square

Christopher is face down dressed in black and marking a black line on the floor with tape.

On the left side is Christopher sitting on the floor, dressed in black inside the square marked with tape. On the right an audience member in front of the microphone dressed in blue jacket and white with orange sneakers.

On the left we see a group of people sitting on a bench. On the right Christopher hugging his best friend Butch in front of the microphone where he was describing the movements inside the square.

On the left we see a member of the audience sitting on the floor, dressed in white and his head facing the floor. On the right Christopher is subtly approaching her. They are both within the square marked on the floor.

The Square explores accessibility tools for the visually impaired such as Way-Finding, Tactile Design, Movement Through Touch and Audio Description.

As visually impaired, I cannot determine distance and volume. I marked a square on the floor to help me define and safely navigate the area of the performance, then invite the audience to verbally describe the movement I make using a microphone. The audience was also invited to feel and touch other bodies to build trust, community and make the experience accessible to all.

Photo credit: Rachel Rampleman. Courtesy of Performance is Alive for Satellite Art Show.