The Square

The SquareThe SquareThe SquareThe SquareThe SquareThe SquareThe Square

The Square explores alternative and accessible techniques for artists and visually impaired audiences, including Way-Finding, Movement Through Touch and Audio Description.

As a movement based artist with visual impairment, I cannot determine distance and volume. 

For this performance, I draw a square on the floor with masking tape. Then, I place a microphone in front of the square and invite the audience to verbally describe what they see while I’m moving in the space. This modification of the space works as an accessibility need and as a guidance system. The square helps me define and safely navigate the area where the performance takes place. The performance invites the audience members to experience a somatic transformation as they enter the space to explore the ability to feel or touch other bodies through body movements. The ability to respond to this stimulation offsets the visual content that is often given priority in performance.

Photo credit: Rachel Rampleman. Courtesy of Performance is Alive for Satellite Art Show.