Yo obsolete (The Macrosphere)


Yo obsolete (The Macrosphere) is a developmental sequence from Yo obsolete (the microsphere) and explores the following stage in childhood play known as The Macrosphere or the world shared with others. The conception of oneself and the space changes from individual to social play: The solo becomes a trio. 

Now in the group play, the focus is on others and one’s relationship with others.

The toy may prove to belong to somebody else and be subject to confiscation by other performers. Control can be shared and assumed in turn.

Yo obsolete (The Macrosphere) engages is an oscillation between play, practice and exploring. The toy or “playwith” can become a “explorewith” symbol.

Images by Johnathan Lewis

Choreographer: Christopher Núñez
Performers: Christopher Núñez, Mario Galeano, Alfonso Castro
Intervened object: Christopher Núñez
Costumes: Christopher Núñez, Branden Charles Wallace
Press: The Dance Enthusiast-Queerly Contemporary Festival

All content copyright Christopher Unpezverde Núñez