Yo obsolete (The Microsphere)

Yo obsolete (The Microsphere) explores one of the stages in childhood play known as The Microsphere or the world of manageable toys. This stage inhabits within the limits of a Thing-world: a space of fantasy and solitary play.

A bright pink and obsolete remote control car is the centerpiece for the performance. The toy influences the performer’s imaginative behavior.

Yo obsolete engages in creative, symbolic and socio-dramatic play that explores on themes like gender identity, cross dressing and boyhood.

dsc00248-arw-copiaSONY DSC
Images by Roger Ruíz

Choreographer/Performer: Christopher Núñez
Intervened object: Christopher Núñez
Costumes: Christopher Núñez
Press: The Dance Enthusiast-Queerly Contemporary Festival

All content copyright Christopher Unpezverde Núñez