UPCOMING: A garden in the shape of dreams. Un jardín en forma de sueños.

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DAP (Dance And Process) at The Kitchen

Dance and Process features new works and is the culmination of a ten-week group process of sharing work and feedback. Facilitated by Moriah Evans and Yve Laris Cohen, and featuring work by mayfield brooksRebecca Serrell CyrStacy Grossfield, and Christopher Unpezverde Núñez.

Initiated in 1995, Dance and Process is The Kitchen’s longest running series. Dance and Process stages an interrogation of methods of choreographic and dance practice, whereby artists challenge default structures in their own work and the field at large. The Dance and Process group sessions take place on Sundays for four hours. The artists invite you to experience this format. Refreshments will be served.

April 5 at 8pm
April 6 at 2pm
Tickets: $15 General / $12 Members


I wanted to explore one of the most remarkable forms of creative play in childhood and the invention of make-believe worlds, often referred to as paracosm.
Paracosm is the persistent evocation of an imagined place inhabited by imagined people or beings. My own paracosmic play started after I found an abandoned and overgrown place in my grandparent’s garden that worked as a perfect escape. These private moments in the garden provided me with the opportunity to nurture my fantasy world and creativity. This performance aims to understand the impulse artists feel in world-building play and its relation to subsequent functionality as preparation for creative work.


Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez, director, choreographer and performer.
Unpezverde is a New York based artist and choreographer.
In NY, his work has been presented at Movement Research at The Judson Church, Danspace Project, The Leslie Lohman Museum for Gay and Lesbian Art, BAM Fisher, Satellite Art Show during Miami Art Week, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dixon Place, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Green Space, The Wild Project, Chez Bushwick and Panoply Performance Laboratory.

Butch Merigoni, movement co-creator and performer.
Butch Merigoni is a drummer and performance maker. His band, Beasty, is a bass, drums & guitar trio that make short, angular songs. Their full length record, Bernard Hopkins, will be out this fall, 2019. As a performer, Butch leads workshops, public happenings and audience participatory performances that use physical games and irrational behavior to find information that familiarity can’t provide. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Vanessa Vargas, movement co-creator and performer.
Venezuelan, Brooklyn based dancer, performer, dance educator and journalist. Her research examines liminality in the body by exploring sensory thresholds, the ambiguity and disorientation of intermediate states, body encounters, the transitional status associated with migratory practices, deterritorialization, and the ephemerality of the body in exile.

Mario Galeano, movement co-creator and performer.
Mario Galeano is a visual and performance artist from Paraguay. They performed in LEIMAY’s “Frantic Beauty” at BAM in September 2017; currently dancing and training as an Ensemble Member at LEIMAY. Mario braids elements of photography, drag, theater, and dance to create visual koans. They have performed at The Brooklyn Museum, MOMA PS1, HERE Arts Center, The MATCH (Houston), and Shout House (Portland).

Arantxa Araujo, movement co-creator and performer.
Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist with a background in neuroscience based in NYC. Her work has been shown in Mexico, Canada and USA, recently at the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum, among others. Araujo is 2019 LMCC grant recipient and was awarded a full scholarship from CONACYT.

Branden C. Wallace, costume and props designer.
Branden completed his MFA in 2009. Since he’s worked consistently as a multidisciplinary artist. Not taking a “direct route” becoming an artist, Wallace holds a BScience in BioChemistry.  Branden also works as Registrar for the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Currently, the worlds only art museum that speaks to the Queer community.