Artist Statement



Image by Paula Court


I identify as Queer, First Generation Immigrant, and Visually Impaired Choreographer.

In my practice, I explore creative play—maintaining the imaginary worlds of childhood and translate them into adulthood. These worlds are centered on and associated with objects that I collect and surround myself with. Some of these possessions serve as “memory objects”. They preserve my own history as an immigrant. Due to my visual impairment, I can’t determine distance and volume. The curated objects help me define and safely navigate the area where the performance takes place. They also become the tangible presence of my identity as a performer—sharing who I am with the audience.


Image by Paula Court

I am currently developing my conception of a choreography of objects, which I call Objectography. Objectography examines the distinctive nature and abilities of inanimate objects to give visible form to the vastness of the human imagination and psyche. My approach uses the object’s physicality and symbolism to recognize its relationship to the human identity.

-Unpezverde, 2019

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