Music for the soul. I do not know how to play the melodica but that doesn’t stop me from composing a soundscape for my memories. Credit: Walter Wlodarczyk Photography.

Walter Wlodarczyk Photography

Nuñez’ high intelligence and research in the areas of 20th and early 21st Century art and performance inform his oeuvre of which this is by far the most complex and innovative to date…” Jonathan Hollander, The Dance Enthusiast.

“YO OBSOLETE is one of the most important works of Blind Art in history…” Christine Washburn, Dark Room Ballet.

Núñez started moving with small gestures, then reached up and down, almost floating through the space. As the music crescendoed into a deeper, darker tone, his moves accelerated, now interspersed with live narration…” Hoa P Nguyen, Bedford and Bowery.